When it comes to designing catering and retail outlets, we consider ourselves experts. The range of experience we have gives us a unique positioning. We understand the bigger picture and are able to offer a full range of services.

Catering Consultancy

Feasibility Studies

Insightful reports on proposed new developments to assist in our Clients’ decision making

Business Appraisals

Rational reports on the business case for operating a catering facility

Developing Project Brief

Assisting Clients in focussing on areas for appraisal

Spatial Allocation

We assist Architects and our Clients in allocating the space required for a Catering Facility and for each area of its operation

CAD Layout and Services

We are skilled and trained in AutoCAD and providing detailed drawings

Design Team Information

We enjoy working as part of a Design Team and providing all the technical and design information that is needed through the various RIBA stages of a project

Equipment Specification

Detailed equipment knowledge allows us to provide the most appropriate equipment for any given design

Tender Package

We can provide comprehensive Tender Packages for pricing followed by Tender analysis and recommendation

Interior Design

Front of House

We design restaurants, bars and cafes where our knowledge of the processes is a valuable contribution


We have in house expertise in Adobe Design Suite and create visuals and 3D generated drawings to allow our clients to conceive the overall look of any facility and have an interactive part in what we do

Lighting Design

Lighting is important to any scheme, from colour rendering and illumination levels. It impacts on the overall feel of a space

Look and Feel

From the larger space to small objects in the space we bring an overall scheme together in a presentation, often useful to stakeholders and board members to gain an appreciation of the scheme as a whole

Concept Development

An ethos or spirit of culture is an inherent part of any concept. We work closely with our Client’s to develop a design that reflects their philosophy and builds in layers of meaning to enhance the message of the brand.

Furniture and Layouts

We provide seating and furniture layouts and have access to a range of furniture companies that we are able to recommend and specify. We range the furniture suit the concept balancing the practical use and visual aesthetic

Other Services

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchen

Assessing energy usage and estimate usage. Assessing Carbon footprint

Equipment Audit

Assessing equipment condition for tender of contracts or sale

Operational Audit

Assessing catering operations for operational improvements and working practise

Design Audit

Report and recommendations in compliance with regulations.

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