When it comes to designing or the food industry we like to keep it simple. We have over 25 years experience and expertise to develop the best solutions, whether it is choosing the best catering equipment to deliver your menu, improving a specific area of your operation, or designing a food service concept.

Catering Consultancy

Feasibility Studies

Our experience and insights will assist you in making the right decisions

Business Appraisals

Assessing potential business opportunities to give you confidence in your investment

Developing Project Brief

Assisting Clients in focussing on areas for appraisal

Spatial Allocation

Advising Architects and our Clients in allocating the space required for a Catering Facility and for each area of its operation

CAD Layout and Services

We are skilled in AutoCAD and provide accurate and detailed drawings

Design Team Information

We enjoy working as part of a Design Team and providing all the technical and design information that is needed through the RIBA project stages of a project

Equipment Specification

Detailed equipment knowledge allows us to provide the most appropriate equipment for any given design

Tender Package

Tenders for competitive pricing followed by analysis and recommendation

Interior Design

Concept Development

The early phases of the design process are essential to the success of a project. We work together with our Clients to define their goals, budgets and timescales, visualising the project and accommodating all their needs. During the concept development we will discuss ideas, materials and spatial planning to lead us to a unified and coherent design.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of a space encompasses everything from lighting, colour and materials to space, form and texture. We look at each of these elements in detail to ensure a design that comes together to reflect the personality of the brand and space.

Front of House

We design reception desks, food serveries, bars and seating areas; all essential in both function and appearance for hospitality spaces


We have in house expertise in Adobe Design Suite and create visuals and 3D generated drawings to allow our clients to conceive the overall look of any proposals

Lighting Design

The quality of light is often overlooked in a scheme. Out interest in lighting ensures we give due consideration to not only the practical design of switching and layout, but also balance of illumination, colour rendering and light and shadow.

Furniture and Layouts

There are a large number of furniture suppliers and the choices and price ranges can be daunting. Selecting the most appropriate furniture for a project and providing suitable seating layouts is something we specialise in

Other Services

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchen

Assessing energy usage and estimate usage. Assessing Carbon footprint

Equipment Audit

Assessing equipment condition for tender of contracts or sale

Operational Audit

Assessing catering operations for operational improvements and working practise

Design Audit

Report and recommendations in compliance with regulations.

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