Small independent catering projects are just as important to us as the larger scale sites with just as much thought and care taken in the design details. Finns of Chelsea Green, located in the heart of Chelsea, is just one of the smaller projects we had the pleasure of undertaking. Re-designing this Deli (first opened in 1985 with two generations of mothers, daughters, aunts and nieces working there) was a great success. We retained its traditional Englishness, optimised the kitchen to enhance the food offer and integrated seating and a speciality coffee offer. The challenge of incorporating the extra provisions into the confined space was overcome with careful planning and our ability to consider each and every detail of their operation.

“His overall capability and expertise is of the highest standard. He is highly experienced in his profession.

He understood and interpreted our requirements exactly and adapted with good humour and great patience the challenges we set.

Most importantly, as a character his temperament is calm and authoritative and he considers everything one asks carefully. I could not recommend him more highly

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